You can quit if you want to.

There are days when the voice inside you says let go. Quit. Move on. You know what? That is okay. Our lives’ are not meant for stagnation, we are creatures of movement, we strive to find an invisible path that we can comfortably walk down and stones that we can conquer. Our instincts often will tell us if something is right, but sometimes, our stubborn nature causes us to cling on.

I am guilty of this. Many times in my life I have clung to jobs with no prospects because it was a wage. Or relationships that were not working, the other person may have tried to leave but I clung on for dear life or clung onto a person that was not bringing out my best side or who revelled in my misery. Friendships died. People left. Jobs left us leading a horizontal life. One thing is for sure, we are worth more.

Stop. Evaluate. Try-Harder. Understand-yourself. Prepare. And Walk-Away. Investigate. Stear-your-dreams. High-five-yourself. = SETUP and WISH.

Once I was in a very difficult situation in my life. I worked my finger to the bone and was depressed about it. Then, when I could take no more. I stopped. Just stopped. Cried. Used what little money I had and ran away for awhile. Evaluated it all and decided that I WAS WORTH MORE. I gave myself time to explore hobbies, go back to studying, understood myself more then used these steps to prepare. I walked away from the old. I started to investigate what I want (I still am), I am still steering my dreams and every day since I give myself a high-five for being awesome. I have achieved a lot of emotion based goals and though I feel progress is slow, it is still progressing with more of my personal, mental and professional goals. I will get there.

I am still human, though. We live with that feeling in our heart that other people are doing better, that I will never get there, that maybe I am just a dreamer. No, you are not. You are amazing, just for being you. There is no other you; which means that you have a unique perspective and potential. Let your fire burn. Trust yourself and do it for yourself.

Remember that life is not made to be static, there is always an opportunity to stop if it is not right or does not feel right. You can quit. You always have that option.

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